Every taxpayer has a Personal Tax Account ready and waiting to be used

  • Aug. 2, 2017
  • MTD

The registering process is very simple and you should be up and running in no time, and there are even HMRC videos to help you available on YouTube. In December 2016, seven million users had registered and as at today registered users are in the order of nine million – still a long way to go but not a bad number when you consider how little publicity has been given to the subject.

You can access your Personal Tax Account from your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet or your smartphone so you can as they say make changes ‘on the go’.

So what can you do with your Personal Tax Account? Well quite a lot actually, not least of which is that it is digital and so there is no need for phone calls – which we all know are not HMRC’s strongest point –and certainly no need for something as archaic as a letter (which HMRC may either take months to reply to or just never reply). From within your account you can liaise with HMRC, check the address they hold for you and amend as necessary; you’ll be able to see the tax code that is being provided to your employer or if you have multiple employments to each one. You will be able to see an estimate of the tax you are likely to pay for current year AND the next year, and see how your tax has been worked out.

You can use the account to claim a tax refund that is due you and have it paid directly into your bank account – this happens in about five days, as opposed to waiting upwards of six weeks for a cheque for the same refund.

You can get estimates for your state pension and you can track your National Insurance records to ensure that there are no incorrect gaps. Your Personal Tax Account is where you can apply for the Marriage Allowance and it will help you keep on top of any Child Benefit entitlement you may have. And if you or your partner are high earners, here is where you can opt out so as not to incur the High Income Child Benefit Charge.

The self-employed get a whole raft of options made available including filing returns, checking tax calculat