Proposed changes to the Confirmation Statement (CS01)

From the end of June 2017, the CS01 will no longer be the vehicle for changing or withdrawing People of Significant Control (PSC) officers and statement details. It will only be possible to use the CS01 to update SIC codes, statement of capital, shareholders, the trading on a market declaration, DTR5 status and exemptions from the requirement to deliver PSC information.

Updates to PSC information will need to be made via the Companies House forms PSC01 to PSC09, or their LLP equivalents LLPSC01 to LLPSC09. This includes notifications, changes, cessations and additional matters. This also applies to Companies or LLPs that have yet to submit their first confirmation statement, who will need to submit the details of their PSC register via the forms above.

However, as mentioned above the addition or removal of PSC exemptions will also still need to be notified via the confirmation statement. 

This date is subject to change. The details are also subject to change as the legislation is still being finalised.